Monday, October 4, 2010

Columbia River Watershed Festival

Each year, around this time, a watershed festival is held for students in Clark County. The CRFPO, Clark County, the city of Vancouver, Columbia Springs, and Clark PUD all contribute to making the event a success. We also depend on many other agencies and volunteers to present to the students or help in other ways. The festival is so popular with the teachers that it usually fills up within a week of opening registration. This year we hosted 30 classes of 4th graders during the two day event.

This year the students learned alot about watersheds, streams, and wetlands. Other presentations included a live demonstration with birds of prey, a water and energy conservation activity called the Energy Jeopardy game, and an exploration of decomposition and the role that small critters play in soil formation. All of the presentations involved hands on activities which is what makes this festival a fun place to learn. The weather was terrific and everyone had fun. I for one, cannot ask for anything more than that.
Submitted by Donna Allard

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  1. Great photos of our StreamTeam doing what they do best: Getting people excited about bringing salmon back to Salmon Creek. This is a wonderful event and we are always excited to be apart of it. Pictured above (top): StreamTeam AmeriCorps member Ben Wishnek talks salmon habitat with students. Below: StreamTeam Assistant Melissa Tiefenthaler gets the salmonids ready to run through the salmon life cycle obstacle course with the assistance of AmeriCorps members Kim Hack and Rachel Chambers.