Thursday, February 16, 2012

Of People and Fish

This is the first in an occasional series of blogs explaining the various educational kits/trunks available for checkout from the CRFPO.  The Of People and Fish education trunk contains the curriculum developed by the Oregon 4-H Natural Science and Cultural Discovery Program and the materials to support it.  Participants in the Of People and Fish program will be introduced to the complex cultural and scientific history that has led to the “salmon crisis” and become active citizens in the search for solutions within their communities.      
The Of People and Fish curriculum is designed for grades 4 through 8.  It may be used alone or with the materials trunk.   Supporting materials include preserved specimens, reusable equipment, books, videos, and posters.  Seven units cover Fish Fundamentals, Pacific Salmon Life Cycles, Native American Life Ways and Legends, The Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery, A History of People and Fish, Fishing Techniques, and Salmon for the Future.  Students can study replicas of equipment used by Native Americans to catch and process fish, including a trap net, harpoon, and Leister spear.  The hands on lessons intoduce students to the science of archaeology, which helps us understand past and present cultures.

To check out this education trunk or other trunks, please contact Donna Allard.  For a complete list of educational materials or services available from the CRFPO, visit our website and look for more blogs describing these trunks in detail.  

Submitted by Donna Allard


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