Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ten Tenacious Trespassers

An education trunk focusing on “Ten Tenacious Trespassers” is in the final stages of development.  These trespassers are aquatic nuisance species that are already here in the lower Columbia River basin or pose a threat to those waters. 
The trunk will contain preserved specimens of some of these species, educational videos, identification guides, curriculum, and activities.  From these materials, students will learn how to identify local aquatic nuisance species, where they come from, how they are introduced, the potentially devastating effects they may have on native species and the aquatic environment and actions every person can take to prevent the introduction and/or spread of aquatic nuisance species.  The trunk will be available for checkout to any educator.
To kickoff this new trunk, one of the trespassers will be highlighted each month in this blog - so be sure to stay tuned!  Can you identify the Ten Tenacious Trespassers?

Submitted by Donna Allard and Jen Poirier


  1. This graphic is awesome! I see a Nutria & a mitten crab!

  2. And look at those zebra mussels and rock snot! I can't wait to see the trunk. Great work done by Armon Barrows!