Thursday, February 21, 2013

Shifting Gears, Moving On...

The time has come for me to shift gears into a slightly different occupation  I think working with technology is super because the complexity naturally satisfies human curiosity while at the same time enables us to be more lazy -- by accomplishing more things with less effort -- which is definitely on my spectrum of human nature.

Working as an IT-Specialist at Columbia Fisheries Office is not just about technology however, it's about people. Specifically, people who value learning and expertise, value preserving our ecosystem and are smashingly good at optimizing constraint satisfaction problems with many human stakeholders. And while working for the biggest organization in US, the US, has its perks it certainly requires a particular finesse to have all gears greased and protocols followed.

I have tremendous respect for the work performed at CRFPO and feel lucky being partially involved over the last few years. I wish good luck to finding a replacement IT and of course a bigger budget for the years to come.

Submitted by Val Pavlenko

Best of Luck to you!

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