Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Fishing Lures

The life cycle of freshwater mussels is dependent upon host fish.  In order to complete the reproductive process, the glochidia or mussel larvae must attach to the gills of specific host fish where they will metamorphose into free-living mussels.  Mussels, being sedentary creatures, are incapable of moving to find a host so they have evolved different methods of attracting their host to increase their reproductive success.  While some mussels simply release packets of gochidia, called conglutinates, which fish may mistake for food, others have modified mantles or other adaptations which will attract fish to them.

Follow this link to the Freshwater Mollusks Conservation Society to watch video of some amazing fishing lures.

Image courtesy of Unio Gallery

For more amazing images and videos, visit the Unio Gallery.

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